Terri Lynn Doss Playboy Playmate July 1988
Terri Lynn Doss Playboy Playmate 1988

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Welcome to my official site! I will be updating often so if you have any suggestions let me know!  This site is designed and dedicated to my fans throughout the years! I can't begin to express my gratitude for all of you! I have worked long and hard to have this site be a huge glimpse into my life.

Yes, I am a Playboy Playmate and am so grateful for the opportunities that Playboy has given me throughout the years. However being a "Playmate" does not define me as that title. I am first and foremost a woman of substance and full of experiences I have both grown from and experienced as a person.

My love for the camera and the spotlight all began when I was a young girl, growing up in Des Plaines, Illinois, vamping as Cher and selling tickets to my "shows" at the age of five. I loved the idea of singing and performing, and the creative outlet that I had found while doing so. My father ran a drag strip and I sold tickets and ran the trophy booth for winners at the end of the day. I loved fast cars and discovered the appreciation of midwestern people and the simplicity of that lifestyle.

Fast forward to growing up and relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona... I have two older brothers who were my mentors and my greatest protectors when it came to boys! My mother was ALWAYS my best friend and when I decided after many local bikini circuit contests to become a model, she always supported my decisions. I was crowned Miss English Leather and also went on to represent Arizona in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant. Posters and many calenders later, I soon became aware that I would need to relocate to Los Angeles to further my dream!!!

Terri Lynn Doss posing for Ujena SwimwearIn the summer of 1986 I landed in LA.. Luckily I had a wonderful manager that took me under his wing and steered me in the right direction. I always took initiative and began submitting myself to various magazines as a featured model. I landed on the cover of Ujena Swimwear which was followed by many photo shoots, including one in Hawaii with two other centerfolds.

In the meanwhile I had won two rounds on Star Search in the spokesmodel category, and posed for various other calenders and posters. Being on the cover of Swimwear Illustrated was a dream come true!!! Being introduced to the other Playmates, I was taken under one of their wings. I had also landed a huge contract with Snap On Tools, where I became their spokesmodel and began traveling the drag racing circuit! Exciting stuff since my contract involved traveling and being reunited with the good old midwestern crowd I had really missed.

My roots... LA had begun to try to tarnish me, and I very much disliked the craziness and casting couches as I was also pursuing an acting career. I LOVED traveling. I am definitely a "midwestern girl" at heart and always will be! Soon enough I learned through a brief meeting with Playboy during a lunch date with a Playmate that they were interested in me as a centerfold. I never dreamed I would be on the pages of the magazine or part of history. Although I had many credits behind me already, I never took any of it for granted and knew that my insecurities were at the same time teaching me to become comfortable in who I was as a person.

Terri Lynn Doss on the covers of PlayboyLife had taken a huge turn. I was fortunate to shoot two covers in 1988, both of which became published... RARE out of all the covers they shoot weekly! Then onto my centerfold... a lot has been said of my "clown" theme. To set the record straight I always LOVED clowns. They made me smile... they were animated... as I am! I had won a contest many years ago as a child on a show called Bozo Circus in Chicago! Playboy loved the idea and they ran with it. When my issue hit the stands I was apprehensive about my future as an actress... that was my dream! I was told that I did not have a future any longer in the film business.

I kept on moving along... I landed several ads and campaigns in magazines, continued with great swimwear contracts, landed some commercials and several bit parts on TV shows. Eventually I had auditioned with a famous Hollywood producer who cast me in three of his films. After filming wrapped on my BIG main part on Road House, I was pretty much cut out of the entire film after a stint I would not partake in, let's say, a "casting couch"... Yep, I laughed all the way to the bank, however Hollywood and that particular experience had me wanting MORE... more for myself as a human being... to be MORE then a pretty face... to NOT sell out who I was as a person. The hurt and betrayal I felt and the humiliation was more than I could bare.

I fell in love and soon became engaged and married in 1991. I became a mother to two beautiful daughters within the next few years. I soon realized that my calling in life was to become a mother. My priorities had changed. And I was happy and secure in my own skin. To have children and a home... to have my family again around me and the unconditional love that I had been missing all of those years in LALA Land. Although my marriage lasted a short time, I was a very proud parent at the age of 25! I had lived what seemed like a lifetime of a very fast lane... it was time to settle down... but not for long.

I had submitted my photos, just shy of my youngest's second birthday, to Venus Swimwear. The next plane I was on was to Jamaica to do one week of shooting! I had a blast!

My mother died in 1997 which put my life in a complete stand still... my best friend... gone. I began rebuilding my life as a single parent dedicated 100% to my girls. We have been through many trials and tribulations, and I know for a fact I could not have survived the years of depression without my children and family.

Terri Lynn Doss modelingContrary to what you may be thinking, I am NOT retired! I continue to enjoy photo shoots and to connect with my fans! Where would I be without you?? I am still the girl next door who believes in fairy tales and accomplishing all that one dreams of! No one can ever take away my child-like qualities that I still very much possess. I believe I am a person of substance with high morals and values, and I value every day of my life!

Thank you all for being here! And for encouraging me to keep on keeping on and to never give up!

I now have daughters who are fully grown and have dreams of their own. I do not judge... time passes so quickly. This is MY story in a "readers digest" version. I look forward to blogging, and getting to know all of you!

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to share my life with you... my past in photographs and my present... ENJOY! It's been quite a journey. As someone once wrote, "Just when she thought her life was over... she became a butterfly..."

Terri Lynn Doss


Much love to all of you!


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